Thursday, October 28, 2021

Amazon Launches a New Line of Kindle Paperwhites, Including a Kids’ Edition – Review Geek

The all-new Kindle Paperwhite running in reduced eye-strain mode.

Amazon is refreshing its Kindle Paperwhite lineup for the first time since 2018 with a new 6.8-inch model. The company is also launching an upgraded Paperwhite Signature Edition, plus a the first Paperwhite for kids. All new models are available for pre-order and ship October 27th.

The all-new $140 Kindle Paperwhite packs all the same features of its predecessor, including IPX8 waterproofing and an anti-glare screen. But it also features a larger 6.8-inch display with smaller bezels and a “warm light” mode for reduced eye-strain. A new processor also decrease page loading times by 20%, and more internal LEDs help keep the backlight looking nice and even.

A child using the Kindle Paperwhite Kids' Edition.

For those who want a premium experience, Amazon is also selling a Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition with Qi wireless charging and an automatic brightness control. But the Signature Edition Paperwhite costs $190, and aside from the aforementioned features, it’s identical to the standard Paperwhite.

The new Paperwhite Kids is also identical to the standard Paperwhite, though it comes with a carrying case, a 2-year no-questions-asked warranty, no advertisements, and a yearlong Amazon Kids+ subscription for free ebooks and audiobooks. Thanks to IPX8 waterproofing, the new $160 Paperwhite Kids looks like a much better option than the $110 Kindle Kids that came out a few years ago.

You can pre-order the all-new Kindle Paperwhite, the Paperwhite Signature Edition, and the Paperwhite Kids at Amazon. All three devices ship October 27th.

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